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The Collaborate Meeting between Solidoodle and Mootooh
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Mr. Sam Cervantes, the initiator of Solidoodle with high popularity in 3D industry, have visited our factory on 12 December. Solidoodle whose most outstanding feature is sturdy shares a larger market in America 3D industry and are launching the newest series of Solidoodle 4.

Mr. Sola ,the CEO of Mootooh , presided the meeting about the further collaboration between Solidoodle and Mootooh. Our engineers joined meeting together. At meeting , Mr. Sola discussed the engineering technology and analyzed the marketing of Mootooh in China and oversea with Mr. Sam Cervantes.
Mr. Sam accompanied by Mr. Sola visited our factory, office, production line, and get general knowledge of Mootooh 3D printer.


Two company both believe that we can build great business and have pleasant cooperation.


The Collaborate Meeting between Solidoodle and Mootooh Title:The Collaborate Meeting between Solidoodle and Mootooh
Posted by:mootooh
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