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3D printing as a method of prototyping, is getting popular now. Mootooh are offering affordable personal 3D printers as well as professional industry use.



MooTooH Plans to Attend 2014 D.PES Sign Expo China
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As a young brand in the advertisement industry, MooTooH has been building the positive image in the international market through the effort of giving high definition and fast printing printers.

This will be the fifth time for us to attend D.PES Sign Expo China. We are always willing to participate in diverse exhibitions, sometimes we are invited by organizers because of our innovative technology for machine products, where we want to share our engineering consultation with the user of piezo-electronic printers. Let’s devote our endeavor to our advertising business together.

Join us at Booth A10-1 on 21-24 February without hesitation!


MooTooH Plans to Attend 2014 D.PES Sign Expo China Title:MooTooH Plans to Attend 2014 D.PES Sign Expo China
Posted by:mootooh
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