3D Printers

3D printing as a method of prototyping, is getting popular now. Mootooh are offering affordable personal 3D printers as well as professional industry use.

MTC serious 3D printer need Φ3.0mm PLA,ABS is possible butPLA is recommended MooRobot Spool capacity is 1000G and 150m of 1.75mm ABS.

MORE+Shenzhen MOOTOOM Engineering Co., Ltd.

Mootooh started 3D study and development since 2007, and announced the first FDM 3D printer in September 2012 at DEPS ,Guangzhou.
Mootooh officially launched its FDM 3D printer at CES, Las Vegas, in January 2013. We have shipped MooRobot worldwide, over 20 countries.
Mootooh 3D Products including:
MooRobot: for office,...